09.01.16 ㅣ Saturday

I just got back from my one-month annual vacation. I didn’t get as sad as I used to feel whenever I come back here. Maybe because I was too tired. (My flight was delayed for 3 hours by the way). I arrived at 2:15 am in Doha airport, waited for my luggage for 15 minutes, panicked when one of my checked-in luggages didn’t come out in the assigned baggage belt (Belt number 5) for our flight. I had to go to Baggage Services department to inform them and they advised me that there were a few bags transferred to Belt Number 1. Luckily, I found my bag after waiting for 10 minutes. I was able to leave the airport at past 3:00 am.

I was too tired, stressed, and sleepy to get emotional. I reached home at 3:20 am. I unpacked my bags, fixed my things, put on new bed sheets and pillow cases, washed up, and was good to sleep at 4:30 am. My alarm went off before I even get in a deep sleep and dreamland.

It was 6:30 am. I had to get ready for my 7:30 am work.

Reality kicked in. 11 months of routinary life to me.

Can’t wait for my next vacation…


Coffee, friends, and my boo-boo.


Flushed. I can feel my face is burning red and is numb. Do you know the feeling of arguing with someone while thinking the ace card is on your side? You’d contemplate on how dumb that person could be to even express himself when you both know that you know better than him.. only to find out later that you were wrong.

Earlier, I was arguing with my friend and I discovered later that he was right.

My self-righteous conscience smirked at me making my damaged pride pack its suitcase and it left me without saying goodbye.

I remember one time, my bestfriend and I met in a mall. We were looking for a coffee shop, CBTL to be specific. I forgot what that acronym stands for after a long time of not going there. I settled for “Coffee Blend” and didn’t bother what the “TL” means.

“Where’s the ‘CBTL? Coffee Blend?’ I asked the guard who was roaming around. “Huh? ‘Coffee Bleend,’ go straight and turn right. My eyes wanted to roll but I just smiled and thanked him. Bubble thought: “The nerve of that man to correct me. My pronunciation is the right one!”

Thinking about that innocent man and my bestfriend who wouldn’t stop laughing, I was embarrassed and ashamed of what I thought. Well, not really. Maybe just a little bit. Anyway, of course the guard was right. I just misheard him. It’s Coffee Bean.

I have the same stories in different situations. I just never learn.

My mind is a b*tch. It can go from very pleasant to cruel one. But hey, I am glad my mouth has a filter.

SUNDAY CHILLㅣWhen the ship in the relationship becomes a bad word that starts with an “S”.


It’s Saturday and I am at work. But my mind is far from working. I have this hard-to-resist-week-long-vacation hangover.

The past week was spent with friends chilling, dining out, grabbing coffee, shopping, and just having a good time. All these were accompanied with us going crazy, laughing at random things (and I mean laughing really hard), and talking about life, career, and relationsh*ts. Pardon me, it’s relationships. 

While my pretentious self-declared-intellectual mind takes a plunge into the crappy side of relationships, let me tell you what I think of it. This may not be the brighter side point of view than anyone else’s, and I guarantee you this won’t get your so-called love of your life back to your caring arms. But hey, it’s time to get up and dress up! Stop those ‘what could have beens’, ‘what ifs’, and whatnot. Get back in the game, sweetheart!

1. Stop blaming yourself. We cannot see or decipher what is happening behind our backs. We can’t tell ourselves to avoid the jerks because who the hell knows their heinous intentions?! There’s no way we will know the “behind the scenes.” We are not in the romantic movie after all.

2. Get your act together and do the chacha. Have you been crying for days or weeks? Okay, I understand you. Just eat some ice cream and watch movies. Have you been depressed and crying for months or, God forbid, years? Come on. Do not trust that unreliable and sinkable boat in life a.k.a. dating assholes. Don’t cry over them.   Yeah, they have nowhere to go but down and you don’t want to go with them, right?

3. Love yourself and love yourself more. Remember the last time you pampered yourself? NO? Well, go out with your family and friends! Buy some pretty shoes, eye-candy bags, and gorgeous dresses! You’ll get over the self-pitying phase of your life somehow. Strut your stuff and do the cat walk. Wear your confidence. Life is your everyday ramp.

4. Be somebody you’ve always wanted to be. This is the time to explore your hidden talents. Was it your childhood dream to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, or even to become a scientist? Do everything you can do. Time may run out, but your passion won’t. Regrets will surely hunt you down, you better act now.

5. Get up and dress up. This is my favorite mantra. Who the hell has the right to take away your sunshine? No one. So put on your favorite flirty dress, wear your strappy heels, spray your sweet perfume, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes. You’re going to conquer the world.

Remember: All things are just in the mind. Choose your thoughts.

Background music: Cee Lo Green’s Forget you (Change the lyrics to F word if necessary!)

TUESDAY TATTLES ㅣ My “I could have’s” today.


It’s Monday night. I stayed all day in the flat. Most hours spent sleeping in my room escaping “chitchats” with anyone. Okay, I get easily bored with chats-turned-longgg-story-telling; that I have nothing to do with; give me stiff neck; and make me see or imagine hazy shapes that I’d ask myself if I am still awake, just imagining things, or if I’m already in a coma while someone keeps on talking.

So anyway, I am not here to vent out about that.

Let’s start again.

It’s Monday night. First day of Holidays that should have spent unwinding outside with friends. But I opted to sleep the day away and recover from last night’s shenanigans. (translation: just loads of laughter and some social drinks that could pass as a soda. Sigh. I’m getting old.)

I could have spent my day finishing the paper works I took home, or  painting, or drawing. Or I could have cleaned my room! My sexy inner voice whispered to me that I should just lie on my back, watch re-runs of FRIENDS, and eat some chips. Oh that b*tch! I was fooled again. Sorry waistline!

I could have read a book. There is a stack of books on my bedside table begging me to open them. And e-books on my phone screeching to let me know they are still there.

I am imagining things way too much. I could have written a book!

If I want to write a book, I need an inspiration. A boyfriend vacation would be nice; set foot in Europe; dine in al fresco; meet the eyes of a gorgeous stranger..

Okay, stop.

I could have just really cleaned my room. I’d do that tomorrow morning.