SUNDAY CHILLㅣHigh School Playlist



Currently, I’m watching reruns of FRIENDS and it makes me think about the good old times.

Here is the list of songs that makes me miss my old friends and high school days 🙂

  1. Lost In Space – Lighthouse Family (This is a big part of our first year high! Hi I-Jonas!)
  2. No Matter What – Boyzone
  3. Superman – Five for Fighting
  4. This I Promise You – ‘Nsync (Actually, all the songs in No Strings Attached and Celebrity album)
  5. Sometimes – Britney Spears (and Baby One More Time)
  6. All or Nothing – O-Town
  7. Best I Ever Had -Vertical Horizon
  8. Like A Rose – A1 (too cheesy for JS prom and it feels like a little embarrassing haha)
  9. Pretty Boy – M2M (and some of their songs from their first album)
  10. Graduation – Vitamin C

                                        “And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
                                         Where we’re gonna be when we turn 25
                                         I keep thinking times will never change
                                        Keep on thinking things will always be the same
                                        But when we leave this year we won’t be coming back
                                        No more hanging out cause we’re on a different track”  


I’m not sure if the nostalgia I’m feeling right now is because of this afternoon sunshine that brings the same feels of what we had every afternoon class dismissal in senior year high school. Time sure does fly fast. Oh well.




A little confused, a little lost.

Should I stay or should I move?

I said, “Just one more time.”

‘Cos I thought everything’s gonna be sublime. 

How many times did I convince myself of this and that?

I can’t remember, I’ve lost count.

The days passed by quickly,

Life is fleeting in front of me.

Weighing the things that really matter,

I need the courage to jump into the water.

I whispered, “Just go. Dream bigger.”

But I hesitated ‘cos I don’t even know what to do, for starters.

My messed up mind is becoming tired.

Passion is losing in my beating heart.

A friend said, “We walk on this earth only once.”

It made me wonder, “Can I just go to Neverland?”

SUNDAY CHILLㅣAbsolut-ly.

Dear You,

How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while. Have I ever crossed your mind like you do in mine? Maybe not.

I know you’re always busy with someone and some groups of friends. You’re the one that everyone loves to hang with on any occasion.

You lighten up the mood when things get awkward. You make it easy for anyone to express their buried-deep emotions.

What magic do you possess to make us sing and dance? How do you make everyone get sick of you but still keep coming back?

Your mere existence is something I will never understand. I need to breakaway from you. Is this just for temporary or is this the last goodbye? Don’t ask me now.

I might still see you around. Don’t worry, I will be okay and I will still say ‘Hi’.


I’m on a diet.


SUNDAY CHILLㅣWhen the ship in the relationship becomes a bad word that starts with an “S”.


It’s Saturday and I am at work. But my mind is far from working. I have this hard-to-resist-week-long-vacation hangover.

The past week was spent with friends chilling, dining out, grabbing coffee, shopping, and just having a good time. All these were accompanied with us going crazy, laughing at random things (and I mean laughing really hard), and talking about life, career, and relationsh*ts. Pardon me, it’s relationships. 

While my pretentious self-declared-intellectual mind takes a plunge into the crappy side of relationships, let me tell you what I think of it. This may not be the brighter side point of view than anyone else’s, and I guarantee you this won’t get your so-called love of your life back to your caring arms. But hey, it’s time to get up and dress up! Stop those ‘what could have beens’, ‘what ifs’, and whatnot. Get back in the game, sweetheart!

1. Stop blaming yourself. We cannot see or decipher what is happening behind our backs. We can’t tell ourselves to avoid the jerks because who the hell knows their heinous intentions?! There’s no way we will know the “behind the scenes.” We are not in the romantic movie after all.

2. Get your act together and do the chacha. Have you been crying for days or weeks? Okay, I understand you. Just eat some ice cream and watch movies. Have you been depressed and crying for months or, God forbid, years? Come on. Do not trust that unreliable and sinkable boat in life a.k.a. dating assholes. Don’t cry over them.   Yeah, they have nowhere to go but down and you don’t want to go with them, right?

3. Love yourself and love yourself more. Remember the last time you pampered yourself? NO? Well, go out with your family and friends! Buy some pretty shoes, eye-candy bags, and gorgeous dresses! You’ll get over the self-pitying phase of your life somehow. Strut your stuff and do the cat walk. Wear your confidence. Life is your everyday ramp.

4. Be somebody you’ve always wanted to be. This is the time to explore your hidden talents. Was it your childhood dream to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, or even to become a scientist? Do everything you can do. Time may run out, but your passion won’t. Regrets will surely hunt you down, you better act now.

5. Get up and dress up. This is my favorite mantra. Who the hell has the right to take away your sunshine? No one. So put on your favorite flirty dress, wear your strappy heels, spray your sweet perfume, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes. You’re going to conquer the world.

Remember: All things are just in the mind. Choose your thoughts.

Background music: Cee Lo Green’s Forget you (Change the lyrics to F word if necessary!)