TUESDAY TATTLES ㅣDown In The Dumps.. 8 years ago.

I went through my old e-mails and found some interesting articles I wrote way back. I wonder what was I thinking and feeling while I was writing this. Did I take a bitter pill? Or was it one of those days I was too bored but the words kept popping in my head so I had to type them away? One thing is for sure, I wasn’t feeling a bit of heartbreak then. Strange…


Photo courtesy: http://www.9gag.com

16 February 2007

There are things that are meant to happen.. So don’t blame anyone for the things you had and might regret, even yourself. Yes, even yourself.

When you were much younger, you thought that the world is filled with roses and fantasies. You started to dream.. Each day, your dreams became bigger and bigger. You carefully put them on hold with a plan to realize them when you are ready and capable to accomplish such mature dreams.

You thought that you were invincible, nothing and no one can hurt you, because you were innocent and young. As you grew a little older, you realized that no one has the ability to shield oneself from hurt and pain.

You learned that despite of not doing anything bad or unjust to anyone, there will always be some people who would love to see you down and miserable.

At first you would be surprised that some could promise you their love and treat you like you are their everything; you are their world, you are their life. But after a while, soon before you realize that the world can make you cry and long before you know that someone who had made you believe in dreams and fantasies was just lying, you’d discover that anyone could simply walk out of your life leaving no trace of the promises they made.

You’d suffer yourself from all the heartaches and heartbreaks. The pain would be too much to bear that you could swear you would never ever fall for someone again…


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