Be Awesome for DUMMIES.

How to be somebody? Somebody that is AWESOME. This is exactly my thought.

I don’t let my mind linger on it to avoid blow to my self-esteem. But I can’t help myself.

In the middle of nowhere, I always catch myself gazing at something without really seeing it.

Sometimes, I can’t even tell apart my goals from my daydreams.

I always wonder, in plain curiosity, how other human beings can be great while others passed by in this world without leaving a mark or without having a chance to do what they want most in their lifetime.

What is the criteria of life in giving us different circumstances that seem not fair at all?

How does world really work?

Be Awesome for DUMMIES. Is there such a thing?


Guess who’s back?

So yeah.. I’m just here, trying to write an amazing story after my five-month hiatus.

After writing that first sentence, I realized that there’s no amazing story that starts with “So yeah..”

“Guess who’s back?” as the title makes this redundant for being lame. It was cool during the 90’s though. You know, Eminem.

But anyway, I’ve been busy being adult: working, traveling, attending formal and fun events, contributing to the society as philanthropist.. I do all these in my day dreams.

Sadly, being an adult to me nowadays is wasting away my time like a ping pong ball between work and home (which isn’t my real home). Honestly, everyday is a constant tug of war, determining if I should quit or stay a little longer. Testing your limit can become emotionally exhausting. This is the unfortunate case of an expat. A single expat.

I feel that age is taking over me. Staying at home excites me. Back in the day, I couldn’t stay at home when it’s weekend and I never dared to stay in the same city if it’s a long weekend. Now, just thinking of going out is tiring enough that I’d rather stay at home watching tv series. Staying in bed is more tempting.

Key words: Back.In.The.Day

This isn’t good. I once heard that this phrase confirms that you’re old. Ugh.

Obviously, my mind has no direction now. I’m just chattering away.. I mean typing away.

So yeah.. I just wanted to say “Hi, how have you been?”