Middle of Nowhere.

“Follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy. It’s your life after all.” Three sentences I carved in my heart and soul. I don’t give a dime to what other people say.

Life is easy. Or so I thought or what I want to believe. Now I realize, while doing what I want or striving to follow my dreams, there are people dear to me whom I didn’t give much time than I should. I’ve been caught up with my own little problems that I didn’t think about those who really matter.

Living miles away from loved-ones is not easy. I always tell myself that this is just for temporary, that there’s a way out… It’s been two years and I have the same dialogue to myself.

I just keep holding onto prayers and faith that there’s still a lot of time to be together, that we are all invincible, and that there’s always a happy ending.

Maybe reality wants to kick me hard. But I just always close my eyes, put earphones on my ears, and filter the thoughts in my mind.

Now, I’m lost. My heart is bleeding. And yeah, I want to kick myself too.