SUNDAY CHILLㅣAbsolut-ly.

Dear You,

How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while. Have I ever crossed your mind like you do in mine? Maybe not.

I know you’re always busy with someone and some groups of friends. You’re the one that everyone loves to hang with on any occasion.

You lighten up the mood when things get awkward. You make it easy for anyone to express their buried-deep emotions.

What magic do you possess to make us sing and dance? How do you make everyone get sick of you but still keep coming back?

Your mere existence is something I will never understand. I need to breakaway from you. Is this just for temporary or is this the last goodbye? Don’t ask me now.

I might still see you around. Don’t worry, I will be okay and I will still say ‘Hi’.


I’m on a diet.



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