Too Cool For Facebook.

“What’s on your mind?,” my dear Facebook wall asked me. It seemed so concerned with my life. It sounded like a friend, or a mother at times. But then, each time I replied to its question, it never answered back. When I was feeling happy, it ignored me. When I was down or mad, it didn’t care and it made me sound like a crazy childish b*tch. So, I think it’s just like a gossipmonger who wanted to know the fishy details about me and let the world see them.

Have you questioned yourself for a second if you should accept the friend request of that colleague whom you never talked to more than “hi’s and hello’s”? Or that girl you went with in grade school or high school? We have those facebook friends we’re not really friends with in real life. You’re a snob if you decline their friend requests. You’re at risk to gossips if you do. To shrug it off, you clicked yes and added them to “restricted” list.

Last night, I was hanging out with my girlfriends and we were talking about how we can’t control the urge to browse our phones to check our Facebooks every now and then. It’s always the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing at night. Yeah, even during those times we came home from a fun party, worse, even while we were in a party.

Have you ever thought about how the mysterious effect has gone? Imagine, it’s your high school reunion. You prepped and dressed up. You were fashionably late as you planned so everyone’s eyes would be on you when you arrive. Did you hear the oohhhs and ahhhs  you were expecting? No?  It’s probably because they were not interested on what’s new with you. Nobody even dared to ask “How have you been?” because they know more than they should know about you.

Don’t rely on social media to reach out for your loved-ones and friends. Why would you be like “Hey, I heard you guys broke up. Are you okay?”? And you wrote that on the WALL! Settings: Public! Are you effing kidding me?! Just call that person! You’re wasting earth’s energy. Seriously.

George Clooney once said, ‘If you’re famous and on Twitter, you’re a moron’.

I say, “The less people know about you, the more they become interested in you.”

Bring back the air of mystery. It’s sexy.


4 thoughts on “Too Cool For Facebook.

  1. haydee says:

    really? some people make relationships on facebook, even they haven’t seen each other in person. Only through internet. I wonder how they can post that they are head-over-heels inlove with someone they just met on Facebook. I think those people are idiots. what do you think? They are attach to someone they thought they knew based on the post and info’s on the net. It’s ok to show that affection if they actually meet and be together. I mean, see or touch each other. Anyway, they are not cool, they’re funny. LOL


    • Yeah, they’re kind of funny but we never know their real stories. Some people do it just for fun and some take it too seriously that they put their high hopes on that kind of relationship. The real issue here is how FB owns most of its users. How some can’t control the urge to update their status to give live feedback on what’s happening on their lives and then regret it later (or maybe not). Big ups to social media for re-connecting loved-ones and friends; making way to meet new people for new friendship and networking; and giving good vibes from time to time. The real low is when some users keep on posting/whining about insensible and petty things. Some cool people we know turned out to be shallow. Why can’t they be just as cool as we remember them to be? 🙂


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