Hi. Meet me at the Yellow Intersection.


First post. I’ve been thinking about what to name this entry; it should be extravagant; it should be catchy; and it should be mind-boggling-making-you-think-that-the-author-is-one-heck-of-a-genius. But I changed my mind. As always. I keep changing my mind.

Art. My brain is one big empty canvas with an undecided artist; confused between the detailed art and an abstract, again pretending to be deep with one helluva IQ.

Travel. I’ve traveled the world through my mind. I want to see as many places as there are in the globe. But I am one lazy ass. And a paranoid one. I would always go back to my comfort zone any second I get a goose bump. Most important point, I’m broke.

Music. I like singing..in my mind. I believe I have a great voice which unfortunately curls up every time someone hears me hitting a note. Or have I really hit a note yet?

Literature. Fashion. Romance. Whatever. I am fascinated by the Victorian era. I adore how sophisticated and elegant the ladies were in their flamboyant don’t-you-dare-breathe-dresses, and I love how romantic, not to mention grandiose, the men were back then. Period.

People. I love and hate people. It depends on my mood. It depends on your looks (literally and figuratively). It depends on your attitude. I can wake up and see you and hate you in an instant.. Or maybe, with some strange force, I can like you in a snap; without a reason..without a clue.

My mind’s like that. Don’t argue.


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