Oh, my little one.

Dear future child,

I’ve been a very good daughter to your grandma and gramps.

Please be twice as good as I was. (Yes, I was good and I still am.)

Don’t you ever smoke or drink. Please never ever come home late.

Don’t get any girl pregnant or don’t get pregnant. Whichever applies.

I’m still single but you are already giving me minor heart attacks.

Love you,



TUESDAY TATTLES ㅣ My “I could have’s” today.


It’s Monday night. I got to stay all day in the flat. Most hours spent sleeping in my room escaping the “chitchats” with anyone. Okay, I get easily bored with chats-turned-longgg-story-telling; that I have nothing to do with; give me stiff neck; and make me see or imagine hazy shapes that I’d ask myself if I am still awake, just imagining things, or if I’m already in a coma while someone keeps on talking.

So anyway, I am not here to vent out about that.

Let’s start again.

It’s Monday night. First day of Holidays that should have spent unwinding outside with friends. But I opted to sleep the day away and recover from last night’s shenanigans. (translation: just loads of laughter and some social drinks that could pass as a soda. Sigh. I’m getting old.)

I could have spent my day finishing the paper works I took home, or  painting, or drawing. Or I could have cleaned my room! My sexy inner voice whispered to me that I should just lie on my back, watch re-runs of FRIENDS, and eat some chips. Oh that b*tch! I was fooled again. Sorry waistline!

I could have read a book. There is a stack of books on my bedside table begging me to open them. And e-books on my phone screeching to let me know they are still there.

I am imagining things way too much. I could have written a book!

If I want to write a book, I need an inspiration. A boyfriend vacation would be nice; set foot in Europe; dine in al fresco; meet the eyes of a gorgeous stranger..

Okay, stop.

I could have just really cleaned my room. I’d do that tomorrow morning.


TUESDAY TATTLESㅣSee you at the Crossroad.

Time check: 03:39am. Let me try to write while I’m not in the proper state of mind. I just got home, a little tipsy, and surprisingly in a happy state.

Probably because I was laughing all night with my friends. We laughed at the most random things.

Tomorrow I will check this site to see if I wrote sensible things or if at least my grammars are correct.

Tonight, while laughing with friends, I was thinking about how delicate life is. You can lose it in a fleeting moment.

Enjoy life while it lasts. Laugh at the silly jokes. Nourish your heart with good memories of your family and friends.

Signing off for today.



Hi. Meet me at the Yellow Intersection.


First post. I’ve been thinking about what to name this entry; it should be extravagant; it should be catchy; and it should be mind-boggling-making-you-think-that-the-author-is-one-heck-of-a-genius. But I changed my mind. As always. I keep changing my mind.

Art. My brain is one big empty canvas with an undecided artist; confused between the detailed art and an abstract, again pretending to be deep with one helluva IQ.

Travel. I’ve traveled the world through my mind. I want to see as many places as there are in the globe. But I am one lazy ass. And a paranoid one. I would always go back to my comfort zone any second I get a goose bump. Most important point, I’m broke.

Music. I like singing..in my mind. I believe I have a great voice which unfortunately curls up every time someone hears me hitting a note. Or have I really hit a note yet?

Literature. Fashion. Romance. Whatever. I am fascinated with the Victorian era. I adore how sophisticated and elegant the ladies were in their flamboyant don’t-you-dare-breathe-dresses, and I love how romantic, not to mention grandiose, the men were back then. Period.

People. I love and hate people. It depends on my mood. It depends on your looks (literally and figuratively). It depends on your attitude. I can wake up and see you and hate you in an instant.. Or maybe, with some strange force, I can like you in a snap; without a reason..without a clue.

My mind’s like that. Don’t argue.