Chance Meeting

An image creeped into her mind and she smiled at the thought. “I met a cool guy in my last travel. It was kinda sweet meeting. He’s my style.” She shared to her friend.
“So, did you give him your number?” Her friend asked.
“Why not?”
“I like to remember him as a sweet memory that I could always go back to and daydream about anytime.”
“I don’t understand.”
“See, I know I won’t see him again. If I find out later that he’s just not as cool or sweet as I perceived him to be once we talk on the phone or when I see his social media, my fantasy will be ruined. I want him to remain as a sweet mystery.”




She loves the city. Its lights, noise, and chaos.
Her work is in the heart of the city where elevator moments are never awkward.
Oh, it doesn’t mean that everyone at work are comfortable or friendly to each other.
It’s just that they don’t feel the need to chitchat with colleagues because everyone is always too busy minding their own business and eyes are always glued to smart phones.
No one would ever notice anyone, their breathing, nor their soul.

She doesn’t mind it. She actually likes it.. a lot.


SUNDAY CHILLㅣHigh School Playlist



Currently, I’m watching reruns of FRIENDS and it makes me think about the good old times.

Here is the list of songs that makes me miss my old friends and high school days 🙂

  1. Lost In Space – Lighthouse Family (This is a big part of our first year high! Hi I-Jonas!)
  2. No Matter What – Boyzone
  3. Superman – Five for Fighting
  4. This I Promise You – ‘Nsync (Actually, all the songs in No Strings Attached and Celebrity album)
  5. Sometimes – Britney Spears (and Baby One More Time)
  6. All or Nothing – O-Town
  7. Best I Ever Had -Vertical Horizon
  8. Like A Rose – A1 (too cheesy for JS prom and it feels like a little embarrassing haha)
  9. Pretty Boy – M2M (and some of their songs from their first album)
  10. Graduation – Vitamin C

                                        “And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
                                         Where we’re gonna be when we turn 25
                                         I keep thinking times will never change
                                        Keep on thinking things will always be the same
                                        But when we leave this year we won’t be coming back
                                        No more hanging out cause we’re on a different track”  


I’m not sure if the nostalgia I’m feeling right now is because of this afternoon sunshine that brings the same feels of what we had every afternoon class dismissal in senior year high school. Time sure does fly fast. Oh well.

NOVEL (Title TBA) // Prologue ㅣ Coffee?


It was 9 in the morning. Jamie was sitting on her bed after washing up and making sure all her things were all packed-up. It was her last day in the city and she was feeling down about leaving. Her flight wouldn’t be until around 9pm but she had to check-out before 12 noon.

Her phone buzzed. Someone sent her a message.

It was Casey.

She felt her heart beat a little faster.

Coffee?” he asked.

A little confused, she typed ‘Yes’ but hesitated to send it. Eventually, she deleted it.

‘Are you asking me if I like coffee or just teasing me?’ she muttered to herself frustratingly. She really likes this guy but she couldn’t tell him and she was exerting all her effort to act normal around him.

She was thinking of anything brilliant she could say to make their exchange of messages longer. She couldn’t think of anything.

She settled to, “Yes. Good morning :)”

She sent the message with a smile on her face as if Casey could see her. But she was freaking worried each second without a reply from him.

Two minutes had passed by when she received messages from Casey.

 “Good morning :)”

“I’m here at a cafe across your hotel. I’ll wait for you.”

She didn’t know what to do. Excitement and nervousness swept over her.

Mundane Monday Thoughts

If I die tomorrow, I’ll have a lot of regrets;                                                                                                            the things I want to do but I don’t act on;                                                                                                  the places I want to go to but I always make excuses thinking there’s always tomorrow;                                              the feelings I want to show but too embarrassed to let anyone know..
Tonight, I’ll just lay in my bed. I can’t be bothered, you know.



A little confused, a little lost.

Should I stay or should I move?

I said, “Just one more time.”

‘Cos I thought everything’s gonna be sublime. 

How many times did I convince myself of this and that?

I can’t remember, I’ve lost count.

The days passed by quickly,

Life is fleeting in front of me.

Weighing the things that really matter,

I need the courage to jump into the water.

I whispered, “Just go. Dream bigger.”

But I hesitated ‘cos I don’t even know what to do, for starters.

My messed up mind is becoming tired.

Passion is losing in my beating heart.

A friend said, “We walk on this earth only once.”

It made me wonder, “Can I just go to Neverland?”